Land Shades
for SATB choir,
oboe, marimba and cello
         Land Shades began with an idea of a three stanza poem.  The first stanza describes being in a cave.  The second stanza describes walking out of the cave and into the forest.  The third stanza describes walking out of the forest and into an open field.  This idea was taken to Adam C. Sharp and he wrote a poem to illustrate the scenic idea.  The instrumentation of the choral piece was originally for flute, vibes and cello.  The instrumentation was changed to oboe, marimba and cello to create an earthy sound.  The instruments do not just accompany the choir they play just as an important role in the choir.  There are even times when the choir accompanies the instruments.  The instrumental parts are highly contrapuntal, each having its own melodic line.  Each section of the piece reflects the scene the poem is describing.  The section about the cave incorporates long notes low in the register.  The section about the forest incorporates quarter and eighth note triplets and interweaving lines like the branches on a tree.  The section about the open field incorporates open chords and rolling sixteenth note lines. 

Duration:  11.5 Minutes
Number of measures:  175
Number of pages (Score):  26

Land Shades

Gems of colors and full granite fill
The strata setting in the cave
Shedding all the stones to the air within
The cavern so wide and free
Open to the atmosphere
Surrounded by warmth.

Trees fill the sky solemn, firmly
Seen abroad beyond the cave
The Earth below stands still with leaves sent upon it
Branches stream out across the vast air
Still echoing a sense of peace and truth
Life fills the blessed land as they scurry, sing, and live
Upon the land freely

The bark and trunks are soon passed
For the great field of green
The wind sifts through the blades
Showing the plain of grass
Insuring natures beauty to the last

This land so great and wide
Lives free with winders ready to be seen and felt

                                                  Adam C. Sharp


Measure Score

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Performance History

This piece was premiered on a CSULB Composers' Guild Concert and was conducted by Eric D. Sharp on May 10, 1994 at the Daniel Recital Hall in Long Beach, CA.

Sopranos - Hege Merakeraas, Wendy Young, Kim Switzer
Altos - Kendra Wohlert, Dianne De Wenter, Adriana Verdie
Tenors - Charles Grogan, Ken Hayashi, Ron Mallory, David Ozab
Basses - Gary Fritzen, Vince Johnson, Rick Piscitello, Pete Santucci
Oboe - Alan Donnersberger
Marimba - John Whatley
Cello - Cameron Stone