Adam C. Sharp

(Born on December 1, 1974 in Long Beach, CA)

                                                                                                                             Photo by J. K. Sharp

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Adam C. Sharp (A.C. Sharp) has both created musical soundscapes and written inspiring works. Adam's debut CD, Drifters reveals his use for musical soundscapes, but how is he as a writer?

Academically, Adam has received his Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He received both degrees at California State University, Long Beach. As an undergraduate, Adam extensively studied creative writing which included: poetry, fiction, and playwriting, and screenwriting. He has not only studied in these styles and many genres of these styles, but he has also written in each style. Adam believes it is important for the creator to study all styles of a discipline and even, eventually, of its relation to all disciplines. This view is what has led Adam to his Master's Degree. Adam entered the Master's Program as an Interdisciplinary student where he concentrated on the study of the cognitive and spiritual ideas of the creative process. His thesis included a analytical study and research of the Common Themes of the Creative Process as well as a performance piece.

Adam continues to write short stories, children's stories, poems, plays and screenplays. He also worked as an editor for several literary magazines. Like many writers, Adam continues to practice his craft and work on non-fiction work as well.


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