for SSA choir
a cappella
         Waltz was written because of a desire to write a piece for a middle school girls choir.  There is a simple reoccurring melody in which the text changes with each reoccurrence of the melody.  This piece also includes fun effects such as speaking  “one two three or “left right” under the melody.  There is also a section where the entire choir “stomp clap claps” while singing the melody of this fun piece.

Duration:  1.5 Minutes
Number of measures:  82
Number of pages (Score):  6


One Two Three
One Two Three Four.

I remember when I was young
dancing around the room.

Waltzing around the room.

"What about dancing in the swimming pool?"

Bubble Bubble Splash
Bubble Bubble Splash
Bub-ble Splash.

Now I am a little bit older.
a little bit old
a little bit older.

But I can still dance, dance around the room.
Dance around the room.

One Two Three
One Two Three
Left Right Left
Right Left Right


                                             Eric D. Sharp
Measure Score

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