The Night Sky
for SATB choir and piano
for SSA choir and piano

         The Night Sky is a simple and sweet sounding piece for a girls choir at either a middle school for high school level.  The text and the piece were partly inspired by trips to Mount Wilson and Mount Waterman for the annual Perseids meteor shower that takes place in August.

Duration:  2 Minutes
Number of measures:  58
Number of pages (Score):  8

The Night Sky

Can you feel the cool air?
Can you see the sparkles in the sky?

Can you see the crescent moon?
Can you see the bright star?

I can see the meteor
Creating a bright trail in the sky.

I can see Polaris, the North Star
Hanging thirty degrees in the sky.

I can see Venus brightly shinning
Following the sun to the horizon.

I see the Pleiades
A local cluster of stars.

And I see Orion
Filling the eastern sky.

A soft cool breeze
Blows through the trees
While I sit here watching the stars.

                              Eric D. Sharp
Measure Score

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Performance History

The SATB version was premiered by the Galveston College Choir and was conducted by Eric D. Sharp on May 4, 2007 at Galveston College in Galveston, TX.