Mercury’s Melodic Canvas
for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and bass clarinet
             Mercury’s Melodic Canvas began with a non-retrogratable, palindromic rhythmic pattern on a single note.  That pattern then became the building material on which the piece was created.  The tempo begins at a fast tempo and remains at that fast tempi throughout the piece.  Overlapping ostinato patterns, canons and modified melodies are all incorporated in creating a brisk and driving piece in flight.
Duration:  5 Minutes
Number of measures:  151
Number of pages (Score):  17

Performance History

This piece was premiered on Eric D. Sharp’s composition recital and was conducted by Eric D. Sharp on March 26, 1995 at the Daniel Recital Hall in Long Beach, CA.

Flute - Jennifer Green
Clarinet - Jay Hassler
Violin - Michelle Dupris
Viola - Kathy Ander
Bass Clarinet - Katherine Browning

Measure Score

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