A Kneading Sense
for SATB choir
a cappella

I.  In Simple
II.  Soothing Sense
III.  A Shadow Recovered
        A Kneading Sense is a set of three pieces that are to be sung as one piece.  In Simple begins with a slow vocal accompaniment on ‘Loo’ under the melody sung by the sopranos.  In Simple is a setting of a poem by Adam C. Sharp.  Soothing Sense does not have any text just vocalizations on “oo, ee, oh and ah.”  A Shadowed Recovered also is a setting of a poem by Adam C. Sharp.

In Simple

Duration:  3.5 Minutes
Number of measures:  29
Number of pages (Score):  3
Soothing Sense

Duration:  2 Minutes
Number of measures:  39
Number of pages (Score):  2
A Shadow Recovered

Duration:  2 Minutes
Number of measures:  40
Number of pages (Score):  3

In Simple

Sail among the trees
Sail among the leaves of life

Free upon hallow grounds
Free upon soulful lands

Collected hear the insulted noises
Collected hear the lone known sounds

Tempted feel the lifted peace
Tempted feel the truthful pleasure

We live.

                                Adam C. Sharp

A Shadowed Recovered

Winds howl in my ear of what I've heard before
Oh my senses echo a once made experience
Of what time has shown to me;
To glow before me;

The ring of light
The bright inside I feel to see
I set my palms against a face that once did shine before me

Now once again the truth must show I feel
That once shinning dream again.

                                              Adam C. Sharp

Performance History

 This piece was read by the 49er Chorus and was conducted by Leland Vail.
             In Simple was premiered by the Galveston College Choir and was conducted by                   Eric D. Sharp on May 13, 2005 at Galveston College in Galveston, TX.


Measure Score

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