for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, contrabass, triangle and bass drum
         Introspection is a short theater piece created by Eric D. Sharp and Adam C. Sharp using a music composition as the source material.  The music composition was written first by Eric D. Sharp.  Eric and Adam then created the theater piece employing the musicians as the performers in the theater part of the piece.
         After the intro, the composition begins in an 11/8 time signature and alternates between the time signatures of 11/8 and 10/8.  The composition incorporates a repeating bass line, canons and ostinatos based on the melodies within the composition.  The melody incorporates a Middle Eastern scale, which has a distinguishable augmented second.  There are also times during the composition in which a theme that was used as an accompaniment becomes the dominant melody later in the composition.
         The theater piece that surrounds the music composition is an example of what might go in a composers mind while working on a piece.  They also represent different aspects of a composers’ personality.  The flute is jovial, the clarinet is boisterous, the violin is passionate, the viola is introvert, the contrabass is confident, the triangle is irrational and the bass drum is playful.  There are two other characters, which are speaking parts.  The first character is a composer.  This character represents what a composer goes through while created a piece.  The second character is the instructor, which represents the academic and structured side of composing.  There are various quotes throughout the theater piece of what composers have said about music and composing.  The composer character near the end of the theater piece tries different endings for the music composition before setting on a correct ending.

Duration:  5 Minutes
Number of measures:  146
Number of pages (Score):  10


Bb Clarinet
Bass Drum


Measure Score

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