for solo timpani

         Groove is a highly rhythmic piece that began with a rhythmic idea that was saved with a MIDI timpani sound.  The idea was played for Victor Wheeler who really liked the idea and commissioned Eric to write the idea for solo timpani for his solo percussion recital.  Groove developed into a highly rhythmic piece that has a constant drive throughout the piece using five timpani.  Groove also incorporates some special techniques such as hitting the center of the drum, hitting the side of the drum and hitting the drum dampened by a folder that, later in the piece, is dropped on to the floor rhythmically in time with the piece.

Duration:  4.5 Minutes
Number of measures:  130
Number of pages (Score):  4

Performance History

Commissioned by Victor Wheeler.

Premiered by Victor Wheeler on his solo percussion recital on May 17, 1999 at the Daniel Recital Hall, Long Beach CA.

Measure Score

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