For Love, My Friend
for alto and violin
        Peter Stein, a world-renowned violinist from Germany, invited the composers of the Oregon Bach Festival to write a duet for himself and his wife Ingaborg Danz, a world-renowned alto vocalist.  Writing a vocal piece with only the violin as the accompaniment is a big challenge.  The melodic lines of the violin and alto cross and interweave throughout, For Love, My Friend.  Each line takes turns becoming the melody while the other melodic line becomes the accompaniment.  The piece set the text of a poem written by Adam C. Sharp.  The poem describes love.  Not romantic love but the kind of love one has for a best friend.  The piece was given to Peter Stein to be performed in Germany.

Duration:  5 Minutes
Number of measures:  90
Number of pages (Score):  6

For Love, My Friend

Embrace the peace held between us
Each step forward into the future,
Our new frontier laced with love
For the careful sewing that bonds our friendship.

Settled within us are moments
Enhanced with the security between us.
Fond of one another, the quality of life.
Close knitted bond, the center of our friendship.

Courting each other to our own conscious light
Together my soul companion, with care
Forever sending waves of hope for
Your chosen path.  I shall be there my friend.

                                           Adam C. Sharp
Performance History

A reading was given by Peter Stein from the Verdi String Quartet and Janis Hardy at the Oregon Bach Festival in Eugene, OR.


Measure Score

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