This Desolate Enigma of My Existence
for soprano and piano

         This Desolate Enigma of My Existence is a slow piece which incorporates long vocal lines and descending piano lines.  The piano accompaniment plays an equally important of a role as the vocal part in contributing to the emotional feeling of the piece.  Near the end of the piece and the poem, there is a sense of hope that someone or something will bring them out of the depression.  

Duration:  6.5 Minutes
Number of measures:  80
Number of pages (Score):  5

This Desolate Enigma of My Existence

A lonely desolate sky
Shadowed from a dismal blanket
Above me.

My destiny is within a long dark
Endless tunnel
Leading to despair and isolation.
With the merciless unforgiving past to haunt me.

Yearning for comfort
From a caring hand
This enigma of my existence will surround me
Until a hint of tenderness
is present along the trail of my existence.

                                                 Eric D. Sharp
Performance History

This piece was premiered on Eric D. Sharp’s composition recital on March 26, 1995 at the Daniel Recital Hall in Long Beach, CA.
Soprano - Vivian Turner
Piano - Mark Uranker


Measure Score

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