Chill in the Air
for SATB choir
a cappella
         The first conception of Chill in the Air was to write a choral piece to be performed during Christmas time.  Adam C. Sharp wrote a wonderful poem about winter and the dancing cold wind.  The piece was composed in two days.  The piece is in the form of a carol with a refrain and three verses.  Throughout the piece, two voices sing the melody in unison, thirds or in a canon while the other two voices provides the accompaniment sung on ‘la.’  The melody and accompaniment change voices with each refrain and verse.  The parallel fifths are utilized between the two voices providing the accompaniment.  This effect is used to illustrate the starkness and the cold of the winter wind.

Duration:  3.5 Minutes
Number of measures:  56
Number of pages (Score):  10

Chill in the Air

Frost on the window,
Chill in the air,
Lets everyone know,
Winter is here.

Wind whisps the night sky,
With arctic breezes,
And icy soft sighs,
Through swirling spins.

So, keep warm inside,
By candlelight,
Or, by fireside,
Close to the light.

For let the frigid snow
Dance its wintery dance.
Because we’re close, with comfort,
To our glowing flame

                             Adam C. Sharp
Measure Score

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Performance History

This piece was premiered by the Galveston College Choir and was conducted by Eric D. Sharp on December 11, 2006 at Galveston College in Galveston, TX.